Monday, February 22, 2010

Reduction of subsidized spaces in the City of Toronto

As reported in our January 19, 2010 posting, City of Toronto staff estimate that up to 5,000 subsidizes spaces could be eliminated as a result of a loss of Best Start funding (2,000 spaces by 2011 and 3,000 spaces by 2012). Currently the City of Toronto subsidizes fees for about 24,000 childcare spaces. The possible reduction amounts to a more than 20% drop.

City staff have estimated the reduction in available spaces by age group on a Ward-by-Ward basis. The table was attached to a report to City Council on January 26, 2010.

For the staff chart see-

For the Council decision see-

You may find it informative to see the extent of the cuts in your Ward as this may have a significant impact on your enrolment.

As the chart shows, the number of spaces to be reduced in each ward is different. This is because the reductions are based on service planning principles of age and geographic equity. Centres in Wards that are currently above the equity ceiling – that is to say in those Wards where eligible families are receiving a more than equitable share of the limited spaces available – will lose more spaces as a result of the end of Best Start funding, than centres in Wards below the equity ceiling.


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